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Chonky woofer snacks

Its time for a silly but serious chat about our best friends. Dogs love food… especially Labradors, my parents often recount the fact they had to put a child-lock on the Fridge to prevent their faithful fluffer from opening it… only after it managed to nom down an entire 2kg lamb shank.

Thankfully not all our furry friends are as glutinous or mischievous as Lucy the Labrador… but they all have to nom on something right?! I set off on a quest to discover an eco-friendly dog food, first up was vegan dog food. Bad idea.

Whilst my thinking on the matter was – I’ve seen Daisy (current woofer) chew an entire cabbage stalk in an afternoon then been assaulted with what I can only assume to be special brand mustard gas. However, all dog, even gas mains Labradors, need at least 50% meat in their diet to remain healthy.

The next step was to look for dog food from sustainable farming sources, but honestly, the slew of beautifully constructed websites promoting eco-friendly kibble never really revealed where the meat was coming from other than when it was ethically sourced. In itself ethical sourcing of meat is great, but the reason why we can’t trace most of the other stuff is that it is simply offcuts of the for-human meat industry. So making whole farms dedicated to making dog food seems to be solving one leak by taking the bung from another.

In other words, if you want to know the source of the meat, it will not be environmentally friendly, but it will be treated well. Unless you want to pay £50 for a 9kg bag of ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly dog food https://goooduk.dog/ (average dog food costs around £25 for a 15kg bag). So long as the dog food industry does not massively grow unexpectedly all it is doing, for the most part, is using food that hoomans produce and would otherwise go to waste. So as industries go, it is definitely not the worst.

Time for the serious point.

Companies such as goooduk are truly forging into the future but are fighting an uphill battle with a lack of support and investment in sustainable innovation from governments around the world.

Most industries include huge manufacturing and transport networks which constantly require

resources and pump out gasses which are far worse for the environment than post-cabbage

apocalyptic Labrador farts. Laws are starting to come into place to make these industries offset their footprint or swap to alternative sustainable solutions, but at a very slow pace.

So what can we do to help push towards a sustainable future? Well, it actually is really as simple as making sure the packaging is recyclable. Dog food bags have a laminated inside which makes them non-recyclable. Thankfully a few major manufacturers have picked up on this and are now putting eco-friendly packaged treats on the shelves of your local pet store.

All that should be done is to show market researchers that there is a want for more sustainable goods and the producers will begin to scramble to make themselves eco-friendly, sustainable happy hound makers.

I hope you have enjoyed reading.

Stay safe, live well, live green!

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