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Advocating for a

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The Next Wave Network by Squid Ink is a new kind of corporate platform that brings together all actors of the economy to promote the uptake of novel technologies that have the power to align profitability and sustainability. 


It will provide the space necessary for the creation of synergies between not only private actors along the value chain of the European – and global – economy, but also public actors, NGOs and associations to find solutions to the environmental issues that businesses are regularly faced with. 

By exchanging on solutions, technologies and experience of transitions leaders, the Next Wave Network Platform facilitates the acquiring of knowledge and awareness around these novel technologies, giving specific insights into the potential return on investment for these technologies.

Innovations and sustainability should not be a privilege any more but should be accessible to every company! Not everyone can have the luxury to spend time reading on artificial intelligence and environmental software or organise the circular economy in their production chain. That's where Next Wave Network innovates; by sharing experience, ideas, solutions and expertise we will manage to scale up the economy to boost the uptake of circular economy and green new technologies! 

Next Wave Network Platform


By Squid Ink

Collaborative Workspace

More than just a way to exchange on technologies and solutions, Next Wave Network by Squid Ink is aiming to bring all partners closer together. Our aim is to create a collaborative workspace to be able to not only talk about projects but also bring them to life. 

With the resources available and solutions catalogue available on the Next Wave Network Platform, collaboration has ever been easier! 

Our platform being a cloud-based software, it enables us to push the limits of collaboration. Our integrated Project Portfolio Management will allow you to have a complete overview of your projects. It will also enable all our users, regardless of their organisation, to collaborate on projects and project material seamlessly, in real-time, directly from our platform. 


By Squid Ink

Advocating for a Sustainable Future​

Our Blog, dedicated to all the issues surrounding sustainability in the entrepreneurial world, allows you to find more information about sustainable technologies, sustainable solutions but also about the potential advantages of being sustainable. Our specialised policy analyses allow you to understand the upcoming environmental policies in Europe, and assess how those policies will impact you in the near future. 

Next Wave Network also organises regular debates that gather experts in their own fields, to discuss the biggest hot topics of the time and the major policies that will set the tone for environmental stewardship and shape the future of sustainability. Each of these debates lead to policy recommendations, drafted based on the matters argued, and sent directly to key official within the European Commission and European Parliament in order to achieve effective change for the better.