What is Next Wave Network?

At Next Wave Network, we aim to create a network of companies who will exchange knowledge and raise awareness around technologies and innovation that can align profitability and sustainability.

Why Next Wave?

We strongly believe that the environmental transition is underway and increasingly enabled by innovation and technology. Our commitment is to spread awareness and knowledge about green technologies to teach businesses about the potential implications for their activities and the advantages of adopting these solutions.

Why Network?

We want to create a space for entrepreneurs to easily access tools and feedbacks to tailor the environmental transition to the needs of their business. By creating a network of engaged businesses and developing connections in the private sector, we aim to speed-up innovations and maximise companies' return on investment.

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Innovative solutions and debates

Learn about the latest technologies, solutions and debates in the field of sustainability. Easy to read, entertaining and educative!

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European policies made easy

All the recent environmental policy analysed and made simple. We focus our analyses of the implications for business, technology and innovation. 

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The best in the transition

Discover the innovative companies who lead the environmental transition and managed to combine profitability and sustainable development.

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